Where is Psychology used?

Created by Shraddha Shah English
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About course

Welcome to 'Psychology' course!

Have you ever wondered why some people behave in a very different or even 'odd' way? What makes us all 'different' from one another? Have you ever wondered what psychological disorders are? Does Psychology fascinate you?

Then you might be ready for this comprehensive Psychology course!

In this course you will learn:

  • What is perception, attention, and thinking

  • Why we conform to other people and authorities

  • How we judge other people

  • How children develop in various ages

  • What is anxiety, depression, and other emotional disorders

  • How to treat 'abnormal behaviour' 

  • and so much more!

  • Decoding Human Personalities
  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Where is Psychology used in daily life?
  • Applying Psychology in the Workplace
  • Understanding different types of Personality Disorders and Therapy
  • Making your future in Psychology

28 Lessons 06:08:18 Hours
Introduction to Pyschology
4 Lessons 01:22:28 Hours
  • What is Psychology?✅ 00:19:13
  • Different research methods of psychology ✅ 00:29:16
  • Construction and Significance of Attention and Perception in our lives✅ 00:25:06
  • Understanding important factors that contribute to forming Perception✅ 00:08:53
  • Detailed understanding about your Memory- It's not a noun, but an activity, a verb✅ 00:18:06
  • Methods to enhance your Memory✅ 00:10:27
  • Types of Learning✅ 00:23:59
  • Getting in shape: Use principles of learning to get fit and stay fit. ✅ 00:10:12
  • Intelligence: Cognitive, Practical and emotional✅ 00:23:15
  • Emotion and cognition: How feelings shape thought and thought shape feelings✅ 00:12:16
  • Subjective well being: Some thoughts on personal happiness. ✅ 00:07:45
  • Nervous system and some facts✅ 00:08:49
  • Neurons: building blocks of nervous system✅ 00:18:14
  • Managing your pain some useful tips✅ 00:06:27
  • How to study Psychology effectively? ✅ 00:10:33
  • Managing your own anger: A very useful skill ✅ 00:06:16
  • Making better decisions ✅ 00:05:35
  • Managing stress: Some useful tactics ✅ 00:13:13
  • Cognitive Analytics and and Social Congnition Part - 1✅ 00:34:52
  • Cognitive Analytics and and Social Congnition Part - 2✅ 00:24:18
  • Cognitive Analytics and and Social Congnition Part - 3✅ 00:11:41
  • Attitude✅ 00:16:52
  • Conflict resolution and Negotiation✅ 00:23:00
  • Are you good at understanding and maintaining relationships?
  • Determine Your Communication Style (1)
  • Determine Your Communication Style (2)
  • Emotional Intelligence Test
  • What is your Stress Personality?

Why become a Pyschologist?
  • Students of psychology are ethical, patient, open-minded and emotionally stable. They understand the workings of our brain through nomothetic and idiographic methods.
Who this course is for:
  • To Curate future in Pychology
  • Students wishing to pursue Psychology studies
  • Individuals who wants to re-familiarise themselves with the topic of Psychology
  • Anyone who is changing direction in their career to the more Psychology based work
  • Anyone who likes to expand their knowledge for personal use
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  • With lifetime access
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