Entrepreneurship (Demo)

Master all you require to know to turn into an Entrepreneur. Expert the ideas and thinking of extraordinary business thoughts.

Created by Ashwin English
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About course

Going into business is unnerving. Truly startling. 

How would you know whether your thought is any acceptable? Or then again if your clients will actually appear? 

How would you know... what you're doing AT ALL? 

There's no spot, degree, or college that can show you how to turn into a fruitful Entrepreneur. 

You simply need to get out there and master everything for yourself. One stage at a time.... 



Business venture is certifiably not a legendary, illusive animal and it is anything but a mystery that is taken cover behind entryways. 

You CAN figure out how to turn into an effective Entrepreneur and you CAN figure out how to set yourself up. 

In this course, we will do exactly that. 

You will master all you require to think about being an Entrepreneur, as: 

The center ideas

Step by step instructions to think like an Entrepreneur

What you should think often about and alternately overlook 

The most effective method to approach assembling the assets you need to handle your fantasy.

Also, when you're totally all set head to head with any "veteran" entrepreneur out there, you will get the hang of something they wish they knew: 

Instructions to reliably think of wise, significant business thoughts 

It's beginning and end you need to begin. 

You'll go from 0 to Entrepreneur quickly.

  • Learn about some of the great innovations and great innovators
  • Learn about techniques for brainstorming
  • Learn about patents and patenting your idea
  • How to apply programming knowledge to build something with that
  • Learn about techniques for idea generation and idea distillation
  • Learn about doing search related to your idea and refining it
  • Learn about creating the pitch for your idea
  • Get ready for Design Thinking

7 Lessons 00:11:58 Hours
Nature of Entrepreneurship
7 Lessons 00:11:58 Hours
  • What is Entrepreneurship 00:01:09
  • Who is an Entrepreneur 00:01:41
  • What is Business 00:01:21
  • Characteristics of Entrepreneur 00:01:53
  • Benefits of Entrepreneurship 00:02:22
  • Challenges of Entrepreneurship 00:01:41
  • Executive Summary 00:01:51

Why to become an Entrepreneur?
  • Stick it to ‘The Man’
  • Work Your Own Schedule
  • Work Where You Like
  • Work With People You Like
  • Create Your Own Opportunities & Destiny
  • Develop and Sell Products & Services You Love
  • Solve Problems and Make a Difference in the Process
  • Be the Boss
  • Stand Up for What You Believe In
  • Affect Change in People’s Thoughts & Actions
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